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Pure Raw Shell Veneer (0.15mm thick)

MicroVeneer with Opaque Backing
and Clear Coat Gloss(0.20mm thick).
Also called ThinLams

MicroVeneer  mount on a Composite
Back (0.05" thick). Standard block inlay
 thickness.Unique Copyrighted Product.

MicroVeneer  that can be made in any
 thick in 0.15mm increments.

MicroVeneer embedded in Organic
Polymer similar to  Aba Lam and Shell LAMs
Available thicknesses:
0.40", 0.05", 0.06", 0.08" & 0.1"

Scratch & Dent
Broken, chipped and defective items

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How to cut, shape, dye, glue and mount
and wrap our products

Commonly asked Questions

UnderLay by CNG
Scrip and etching our 
just like block shell

Possible Uses
What can these Products can be used for

Wrapping on Fishing Rods & Pool Cues
How to "Wrap" our MicroVeneers
Fishing Rods and Pool Cues, etc


All the following terms are the sole property of InlayUSA

 King Abalone
Prince of Pearl
The Abby of Awabi

The Sultan of Shell

The Mother of all Pearl
Vicker of Veneer
Prince of Paua
The Mother of all Inlay
Queen Awabi
The King Tut of Tahitian


Gold-Lip MOP Lamalone
Made in U.S.A.
Includes Shipping & Insurance (U.S. Buyers Only)

Actual Size is 5 inches by 9 inches at 0.05" (or 1.3mm) thickness

$50.00 each

5"x9"at 0.04" (or 1mm) thickness

$70.00 each

5"x9"at 0.06" (or 1.5mm) thickness

$80.00 each

5"x9"at 0.08" (or 2mm) thickness

$100.00 each

5"x9"at 0.1"  (or 2.5mm) thickness

Please note: Thicknesses are minimums and can up to 10% thicker BUT will not be less then the stated thickness.


Lamalone is a similar product to Aba Lam and Shell "Lams." That is, it is a sheet of shell veneer  (MicroVeneer) laminated (or encased) in an organic polymer resin to a particular thickness.  This product is perfect for applications were strips of the Lamalone are cut, repeated heated (in 150 degree water) and bent to form a radius curve or a full circle (ring). It is very often used on Fishing Rods, Pool Cues and other applications were the veneer needs to be "wrapped" around a cylinder or cone shaped object or bent to match a given radius. Lamalone is a "Finished" product that is ready to cut, inlay, sand and polish. Lamalone, Flexalone, NacreLite or any Color Tinted product are all custom made products and are not returnable except in the case of Manufactor defects (more then 25 visiable micro bubbles or under thickness are examples of a returnable defect. Over thickness is not consider a defect but an update.

How is Lamalone different then Aba lam or other Shell "Lam" products?

 a. Lamalone is up to 150% cheaper then the other shell Lams products
    1. Green Abalone Aba lam in the (5"x9") in 0.05" thickness is over $130 plus shipping!!!
 b. Lamalone's veneer sheet is "floated" in its laminate
    1. "Floating" the  veneer (30% of lamination resin is on bottom and 70% on top) which
         allows the product to be heated in hot water (150 degrees) and it can be easily
         bent without the veneer cracking to match a radius or even into a complete circle
         (ring) for items like Fishing Rods and Pool Cues. Because of this technique, InlayUSA
         has been recently awarded a U.S. Patent for this production method.

   2. Most Shell "Lam" products are mounted on a fiberglass (with fiber cloth) backing with
       a urethane clear coat topping. Because of this, they become very rigid within 15
       days of being made and both the fiberglass base and attached veneer can crack and
       break during the bending process, but not Lamalone which uses a custom formulated
       organic polymer for encasement


Common Uses:
Inlaying, Mosaic, Marquetry, Design Embellishments, Jewelry, Arts & Crafts, Pin Shipping, Fishing Rods & Lures, Construction, Tiles, Shower Doors, Instrument Building (Luthiers), Woodworking, Pool Cues, Metalworking and 1000s of other uses

Add tinting to your order!!!
Color Tinted MicroVeneers
Color Tinted items are CUSTOM made and can NOT be refunded or exchanged except for veneer defects
per sheet

Overnight/Priority not available on Color Tinted Items
Does NOT include shell veneer!
If ordering several "Tinted" MicroVeneer Sheets
If ordering Color Tinting READ THIS!!!
If order several shell types and/or several "tint" colors combinations, order the shell first and then the "tint" color and repeat for each combination you need.  To verify what shell goes with what "tint" color,  add the color "tint" information for each shells to the
"Comments" during checkout process or email us at and verify the combination you want.  Order any un-tinted shells last so they are at the end of the list in the shopping cart. After the Shopping Cart appears verify the item and X out of the Shipping cart unless you are done shopping and ready to complete the checkout process.

Apple RED                       Black                 Cobalt Blue         Blood Red


             Yellow         Mandarin Orange       Grass Green             Orange

            Gold              Forest Green              Fuscia                   Purple

               Brown            Lime Green           Turquoise


Seven Reasons to buy InlayUSA's Top-Strat

1.  Same product being used by the most well known musical instrument companies
        a. Our MicroVeneer are the same as used on the most expensive guitars built worldwide! 

      a. Made with the highest quality Shell Nacres available using a process so unique we chose to protect it by "SECRET" and
            not by U.S. Patent that are worthless in stopping overseas companies from stealing the process!!!

3. Same "Look and Feel" as full thickness inlay blanks
      a. Experts can't tell the differences between our veneer and full thickness inlay blanks once inlayed

4. MUCH safer to use and process then full thickness inlay blanks
     a. Processing full thickness inlay blanks creates deadly dust particle
       b. Working full thickness inlay blanks causes cancer similar to that caused by asbestos
       c. Processing full thickness inlay blanks is now illegal in Non-EPA unregulated locations
d. Current full thickness shell blank sellers are now required to report all purchases

5. Inlay without using an inlay cavity and save 90% on your inlaying time!!!
    a. Inlay with either a very shallow cavity (0.20mm) or no cavity at all with a few coats of clear
b. Won't have to spend hours mixing custom wood fillers for the seam between inlay piece and cavity

6. Cut your inlay pieces with x-acto knifes or even sharp scissors!!!
    a. Do perfect LOGO and other small inlay pieces by using inexpensive CNC Machine or Laser Cutting services
Even Inlay beginners can product perfect inlays pieces at home for fun or profit
      c. The average inlay artist will have up to 30% of their inlay pieces break during cutting
      d. Our product can be cut narrow and with proper handle and cutting techniques average less then 5% breakage
1. Using CNC machine and Laser Cutting breakage is generally zero percent breakage!

7. Our MicroVeneers only cost 5 to 10% of the price of full thickness shell "Blanks"
      a. Full thickness "Blanks" of the same quality as our MicroVeneer's can cost as much as $25 per square inch
      b. The MicroVeneer shown on this listing with color tinting cost less then 85 cents per square inch!!!
c. Our MicroVeneer start at a cost as little as 60 cents per square inch in single 3"x 5" sheets!!!
Wholesale prices are available with no minimum purchase or product stocking requirements
e. Overseas (EU) Dealers are wanted and can get a franchise with a total startup cost of under $2500 USD
1. Complete startup stock of MicroVeneers and a hosted website for one year (renewal $150 per year)
a. InlayUSA, Inlay International or Mop Supplier USA, Inc. will not compete against you in your
                    country's market
b. Only one franchise will be sold per EU country and you will have NO competitors in your country.

FASTER, SAFER, CHEAPER and EASIER with no loss of quality or appearance!!!

SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                         Made in USA
Standard size: 5" x 9"         Total Area= 45 sq. inches
Encasement Resin: Custom formulated organic polymer
Cutting and Fixing: Easily cut using Jeweler's saw, Standard Shell "Blank" Cutting tools, router, HydroKnife and CNC machine. Lasers Cutters are not recommended
Adhese (glue) to a range of surfaces with Superglues, general purpose laminate adhesives, single or 2-part epoxy or White/Wood or Gorilla Glues


Resistant to cold and boiling water - suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, cleaning instructions available on request.

This product has been subjected to abrasion testing by independent national testing authority under conditions for which it was intended. Results available on request.

Custom-Made Product Return Policy
Lamalone, Flexalone, NacreLite or any Color Tinted product are all custom made products and are not returnable for refund but can be returned for exchange or repair except in the case of Manufactor defects (more then 25 visiable micro bubbles or under thickness are examples of a returnable defect. Over thickness is not consider a defect but an upgrade.

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