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Pure Raw Shell Veneer (0.15mm thick)

Laser Cutting

We will cut your whole 5"x9" Sheets for as low as $50 and matching inlay cavities for $25
Grand Opening  Special

MicroVeneer® with Opaque Backing
and Clear Coat Gloss(0.20mm thick).
Also called ThinLams

MicroVeneer®  mount on a Composite
Back (0.05" thick). Standard block inlay
 thickness.Unique Copyrighted Product.

MicroVeneer®  that can be made in any
 thick in 0.15mm increments.

MicroVeneer® embedded in Organic
Polymer similar to  Aba Lam and Shell LAMs
Available thicknesses:
0.40", 0.05", 0.06", 0.08" & 0.1"

Laser Cutting

We will cut your whole 5"x9" Sheets for as low as $50 and matching inlay cavities for $25
Grand Opening Special
Scratch & Dent
Broken, chipped and defective items

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Commonly asked Questions

UnderLay by CNG©
Scrip and etching our 
just like block shell

Possible Uses
What can these Products can be used for

Wrapping on Fishing Rods & Pool Cues
How to "Wrap" our MicroVeneers
© onto
Fishing Rods and Pool Cues, etc

Laser Cutting

We will cut your whole 5"x9" Sheets for as low as $50 and matching inlay cavities for $25
Grand Opening Special


All the following terms are the sole property of

 King Abalone
Prince of Pearl
The Abby of Awabi

The Sultan of Shell

The Mother of all Pearl
Vicker of Veneer
Prince of Paua
The Mother of all Inlay
Queen Awabi
The King Tut of Tahitian



Is a designed as an exact replacement for full  thickness shell nacre "Blanks" and is made by pressing multiply layer of MicroVeneer to your desired thick. A standard 0.05" inlay "blank" requires 10 sheets of MicroVeneer.


1. Due to nacre particle encapsulation NacreLite is much safer to work with then shell blanks. Unlike Shell blanks that dust will causes a deadly form of lung cancer, NacreLite is made by a process that make it much safer to work with because the dust particles are encapsulation in an organic polymer. *

2. NacreLite can be made in four (4) standard sheet sizes as for 1.5" x 1.5" , 3"x 5", 5"x 6" and 5" x  9" and in thickness in increments of 0.15mm. Special order size to as big and as thick as you wallet will permit!

3. It can be made with a single shell type but is commonly ordered in several different veneer types allowing these different layer to "feather" out as it is sanded to conform to the radius of the surface, like a curve (or scalloped) fretboard. This produces a shell nacre inlay that is extremely unique. Different layers can be color tinted to produce even more effect. The possibility are almost infinite and allow the inlay artist to file with U.S. Patent office with their unique color and shell type combination. InlayUSA owns the U.S. & NATO Patents on the NacreLite and the process used to make it, but it is possible to apply for a U.S. Patent for a unique combination of different shell type and color combination to use a  trademark for your company's product line.

To order Nacrelite©:

1. Determine what type and size shell or shells you want. (Paua, MOP, Red Abalone, Sea Snail, etc.)

2. How many sheet you want (each 0.01" = 2  veneer sheets and standard inlay thickness (replacement
     thickness) is 0.05" or 10 sheets). Each sheet equals (approx) 0.20mm varys slightly by shell type

3. Add up the veneer sheet price and add $10 for 1.5 inch square and 3"x5" size or add $25 for 5"x6"
     and 5"x9" panel size. 

4. Email  and he will verify the cost and send you a total so you can pay
    by Paypal or by Check or Money Order


* NacreLite Panels are all Custom made to order and can not be returned except in the event of a factory defect were it can be exchanged for the same shell type and thickness as originally purchase. In the last 10 years we have never had a NacreLite panel returned by a customer for any reason. For safety sake, a quality breathing respirator should be use and a dust collection system should still be used any time visable nacre dust is present l.

Nov. 29, 2007

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