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Pure Raw Shell Veneer (0.15mm thick)

Laser Cutting

We will cut your whole 5"x9" Sheets for as low as $50 and matching inlay cavities for $25
Grand Opening  Special

MicroVeneer with Opaque Backing
and Clear Coat Gloss(0.20mm thick).
Also called ThinLams

MicroVeneer  mount on a Composite
Back (0.05" thick). Standard block inlay
 thickness.Unique Copyrighted Product.

MicroVeneer  that can be made in any
 thick in 0.15mm increments.

MicroVeneer embedded in Organic
Polymer similar to  Aba Lam and Shell LAMs
Available thicknesses:
0.40", 0.05", 0.06", 0.08" & 0.1"

Laser Cutting

We will cut your whole 5"x9" Sheets for as low as $50 and matching inlay cavities for $25
Grand Opening Special
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UnderLay by CNG
Scrip and etching our 
just like block shell

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Wrapping on Fishing Rods & Pool Cues
How to "Wrap" our MicroVeneers
Fishing Rods and Pool Cues, etc

Laser Cutting

We will cut your whole 5"x9" Sheets for as low as $50 and matching inlay cavities for $25
Grand Opening Special


All the following terms are the sole property of

 King Abalone
Prince of Pearl
The Abby of Awabi

The Sultan of Shell

The Mother of all Pearl
Vicker of Veneer
Prince of Paua
The Mother of all Inlay
Queen Awabi
The King Tut of Tahitian


Tahitian Light Abalone MicroVeneer
Made in USA

Includes Shipping & Insurance (U.S. Buyers Only)

Actual Size is 3 inches by 5 inches by 0.15mm thick

Our MicroVeneer  is an inlay artist dream for guitar inlay, Auto Detailing and Pin striping, Knife Makers, Arts and Crafts and Jewelry Making! It is so thin that you can bevel the edge on the piece and inlay it without a cavity!!! It has made from all natural shell and has no coating of any type either on the top or bottom side. Because of this, the artist has twice the area to pick from when selecting areas to inlay with. Once inlayed it is impossible to tell our MicroVeneer  from natural blanks.  It is made from all natural shell  and is about the same thickness as two sheets of paper.  It can be cut with sharp scissors or an x-acto knife and is perfect for creating custom headstocks or a "Tree of life" fret board designed. It is Flexible enough to be used for auto detailing and "Pin Striping." You can easily cut custom logo or do nearly impossible "lettering" for "Brand" names. Because of it's flexibly it is a dream for doing Purfling and Binding without having to "break and miter" the pieces. You can made custom rosettes without having to create an inlay cavity. Inlay pieces can be cut in a fraction of the time (and money) that it takes with standard inlay blanks and without ANY compromise in the quality of the finish product!!!
With it "UnderLay " is now possible!!! That's Right! because of the thinness of the veneers (they are almost transparent) you can do artwork on the backside of the sheet. You will be able to see the image (at certain angles) after the piece is cut and mounted. This is a monster advancement in the Art of Inlay allowing the artist to have artwork, scrimshaws or Logos appear to "Float" inside their inlays.

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International Orders

Standard size: 3 inches x 5 inches x .003" Thick. Total Area=15 sq. inches
Backing: None
Finish: None, Can be color tinted.
Cutting and Fixing: Easily cut using scissors, craft knife, Razor knife or router, laser cutters for intricate designs or inlays. Fixed/glued to a range of surfaces with general purpose laminate adhesives, Super Glues, single or 2-part epoxy

1. Knife Handles
2. Guitar/Instrument Inlay
3. Purfling/Binding
4. Pin Striping
5. Rosettes
6. Fender Style "Curve " Fret board Inlay.
7. Jewelry Making
. Furniture Inlay


Resistant to cold and boiling water - suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, cleaning instructions available on request.

Test have shown that is far superior to natural blanks being  used to "Brake and Miter" for Purfling and Binding. As well, audio test have show that MicroVeneer
, Micralone  and Top-Strat   have better acoustic properties then did natural shell "Blanks"

This product has been subjected to abrasion testing by independent national testing authority under conditions for which it was intended. Results available on request.

Placed in direct sunlight shell products may fade. Not always suitable for use as flooring material or bench tops subject to heavy use, or where hot items are placed, without protective coating. Not suitable around areas with excessive heat, e.g., fireplaces.


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