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Pure Raw Shell Veneer (0.15mm thick)

Laser Cutting

We will cut your whole 5"x9" Sheets for as low as $50 and matching inlay cavities for $25
Grand Opening  Special

MicroVeneer® with Opaque Backing
and Clear Coat Gloss(0.20mm thick).
Also called ThinLams

MicroVeneer®  mount on a Composite
Back (0.05" thick). Standard block inlay
 thickness.Unique Copyrighted Product.

MicroVeneer®  that can be made in any
 thick in 0.15mm increments.

MicroVeneer® embedded in Organic
Polymer similar to  Aba Lam and Shell LAMs
Available thicknesses:
0.40", 0.05", 0.06", 0.08" & 0.1"

Laser Cutting

We will cut your whole 5"x9" Sheets for as low as $50 and matching inlay cavities for $25
Grand Opening Special
Scratch & Dent
Broken, chipped and defective items

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How to cut, shape, dye, glue and mount
and wrap our products

Commonly asked Questions

UnderLay by CNG©
Scrip and etching our 
just like block shell

Possible Uses
What can these Products can be used for

Wrapping on Fishing Rods & Pool Cues
How to "Wrap" our MicroVeneers
© onto
Fishing Rods and Pool Cues, etc

Laser Cutting

We will cut your whole 5"x9" Sheets for as low as $50 and matching inlay cavities for $25
Grand Opening Special


All the following terms are the sole property of

 King Abalone
Prince of Pearl
The Abby of Awabi

The Sultan of Shell

The Mother of all Pearl
Vicker of Veneer
Prince of Paua
The Mother of all Inlay
Queen Awabi
The King Tut of Tahitian


How to Wrap MicroVeneers around a circumference like Fishing Rods and Pool Cues

We are still obtaining permission to reveal several wrapping techniques to wrap fishing rods or other small circumferences from other artist so check back to this location for more information soon. None of these methods make the veneer pliable. However, we can reveal one method that is used by cutting the veneer in strips. It is best to cut the strip with the seam or grain of the veneer. The 3x5 seams runs the width/3 inch side and on 5x9 it runs the length/9 inch side of the sheet. Then you wrap small amounts of the strip a little at a time until you complete the circle on the rod. Always allow the glue to dry completely before going to the next section to be glue. How much can you wrap at a time? This is the art and only practice will give you a feel for how much can be glue at once. If you bend it and it breaks that too much! Different shell types vary in this property, but the lighter the color and the thicker the veneer the more rigid it is. The smaller the rod circumference, the smaller the area you can superglue at a time. It is also common practice to use a piece of Teflon tubing cut in half lengthwise so you can hold the strip in place as the glue dries. The Teflon keeps you from gluing your finger to the rod as you are wrapping the veneer. This method, as do all the others take time and patience to complete the wrap. They also take practice so it is best to practice on a cheap wooden dowel until you get a feel for the skill. Doing this is Art, not mechanics! Again it is not possible to soften the veneer, though sanding it thinner will make it wrap easier, so it will NOT wrap around the rod like a soft plastic or paper. You should also make the area you are wrapping on the rod an appropriate opaque color, as the raw veneers are translucent. Putting the opaque backing on the veneer strips will make them more rigid and harder to wrap, so put the opaque backing or color tint on the rod and not on the veneer. Keep an eye on this site for more techniques that will be revealed that allow the wrapping of strips almost an inch wide on the small end of even freshwater rods and the wrapping process is faster.

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